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How Andros Streamlines Cash Management for its 80 Subsidiaries with Diapason?

Project Objectives

  • Manage and Centralize Financial Flows
  • Simplify the Bank Account Structure
  • Reduce Overall Transaction Costs
  • Mitigate Risks and Fraud
  • Host Data on a European Cloud

Centralize the Treasury of its 80 Subsidiaries

  • Centralize Cash Holdings
  • Centralize Currency Hedging
  • Centralize Raw Materials
  • Centralize Investments
  • Centralize Reporting and Fraud Prevention
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Andros is a French family-owned company specializing in the transformation of dairy and fruit into a variety of products.

The group consists of 80 subsidiaries distributed across 25 countries under the umbrella of Andros & Cie.

Key Success Factors

  • Ultra-Fast Deployment Across Europe
  • 360-Degree Decision Support Vision
  • Increased Administrative Productivity and Security

Chiffres clés

  • 400 Bank Accounts
  • 40 Banking Groups Worldwide
  • 80 Subsidiaries Across 25 Countries (in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania)

Diapason’s TMS is a comprehensive decision support tool and a true powerhouse for optimizing our cash management. It’s a sophisticated tool, and once you grasp its architecture, it becomes remarkably user-friendly!

The Diapason project is a human adventure and a revolution for the Andros Group, transitioning from decentralized treasury to centralized treasury.

Christophe Boussac, Group Treasurer at Andros

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