myDiapason Team

Technical and functional experts to simplify and support your everyday life, beyond the technological response

myDiapason Team, treasury management experts at your side

Rely on treasury management experts to anticipate the use of digitizing and support the corporate’s growth.

myDiapason team

A range of services to meet every specific issue

Former treasurers or project experts, our team of technical and functional experts brings you a high level of expertise and assistance in order to accompany our customers in their growth.

To this end, myDiapason Team proposes several levels of service in order to have proactive responses to the various needs raised:

Appointment of a Customer Success Manager who benefits from an in-depth knowledge of the customer environment. This latter monitors and coordinates each request and is an essential element in the resolution of reported problems, for which a monthly follow-up is carried out. He is also in charge of presenting the new functionalities of the new myDiapason versions and providing product information on the regulatory watch.

A wide range of services is offered in order to build with our clients a level of service adapted and adequate to their needs (Continuous training, alerts, Reinforced monitoring calendar during the closing period or the settlement campaign…)

A real management and operational maintenance service for myDiapason, this level of service allows clients to focus on their business and develop their 360° overview.

myDiapason Team allows you to rely on a team of technical and functional experts beyond the technological response to support each type of project (new implementation, new version or new module to set up…)

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