Adopting an impact approach

Indexing credit rates on the sustainable performance of the corporate

Sustainability linked loans, a fast-growing source of financing

The use of « socially responsible » financing, until recently the prerogative of large debt issuers, is now emerging among all borrowers. Whether it is to target investors integrating Corporate Social Responsability (CSR), or to increase its environmental strategy, it is now crucial to be equipped with a solution that supports the treasurer in the Front, Back-Office and Accounting management of these transactions.

myDiapason supports you in the management of sustainability linked loans

myDiapason solution has a native debt management module that integrates all types of financing available on the markets – bank loans of all kinds, Credit Facilities, NeuCPs, BMTN, bond issues, …

Moreover, myDiapason helps you automate the financial impacts that would occur in the event of compliance or non-compliance with one of the CSR objectives.

The availability of management rules dedicated to the management of sustainability linked loans is intended to automatically modify the terms and conditions of transactions as soon as a CSR criterion has been respected (bonus) or not (malus).

And you, have you initiated your CSR impact approach?

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