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myDiapason Risk

Financial risk management solution integrated with your treasury management

Anticipate & hedge foreign exchange and interest risks

myDiapason Risk supports the treasurers in their management and monitoring of financial, counterparty, liquidity and operational risks. Fully integrated with your Information System, myDiapason Risk solution enables you to anticipate and guarantee the foreign exchange risk and interest rates trends.

myDiapason Risk

myDiapason Risk: 360° overview of the whole financial risks

myDiapason Risk solution

A full and end-to-end traceability to cover all risks in a single solution and in a fully integrated way with the corporate’s Information System.

  • Integrated financial instruments management with myDiapason Cash and myDiapason Payment
  • Connexion to dealing platforms and to external market data providers
  • Valuation and aggregation of flows
  • Stress tests
  • 360° overview, reporting and customisable dashboards
  • Limit management for all financial transactions
  • Counterparty risk analysis tool to define authorisations per counterparty according to configurable axes (asset class, outstanding maturity…) as well as the methodology for calculating exposure amounts (weighted notional, mark to market, etc.)
  • Generation of alerts and notifications in case of limit breach
  • Reporting of the evolution of the cash position
  • Automation and integration of data collection with the Information Systems
  • 360° real-time overview of cash-in and cash-out
  • Single point security for all sensitive data
  • Traceability of all actions carried out within the application
  • Setting up controls and configuring alerts
  • User access and rights management
  • Business continuity and prevention of cyber-attacks

Le Groupe La Poste

Discover how La Poste Group orchestrates its treasury management with myDiapason solutions

myDiapason risk

Download myDiapason Risk product sheet, risk management solution for large corporates

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Discover myDiapason, a range of robust and flexible treasury solutions to simplify the treasurer’s daily work and manage the corporate’s business.

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