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Maisons du Monde

How Maisons du Monde optimizes its bank communication and treasury management through a unique SaaS-based TMS?

Project Objectives

  • Modernizing Maisons du Monde’s Finance Function
  • Optimizing Bank Communication Management
  • Standardizing the bank communication protocol and centralizing payments
  • Enhancing security levels

Modernizing the Finance Function

A new SaaS solution to streamline treasury and bank communication management in order to overhaul various processes


Maisons du Monde is a French retail brand specializing in furniture and home decor.

Key Success Factors

  • Streamlining Bank Communication
  • Time savings through automation
  • More comprehensive and faster reporting

Key Figures

  • 430 bank accounts spread across 10 countries
  • 30 banking partners
  • 3,500 bank transactions received per day

We took advantage of this change management initiative to overhaul our processes - communication framework structures, movement codes, and analytical structures - in order to address our strategic developments, propelling us towards greater modernization.

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