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Augmented Treasurer, the Treasurer of Tomorrow

Immersed in a perpetually changing world, the role of the treasurer continues to evolve. At the heart of the company’s financial challenges, the treasurer is transforming their own profession. Augmented Treasurer: A wishful thinking!

A profession undergoing significant transformation.

Market volatility, geopolitical tensions, ESG issues, interest rate and commodity risk management, fraud prevention… The role of the treasurer is becoming increasingly complex and a crucial link in the financial strategy of the company. Long seen as a purely administrative and financial function, the treasurer’s profession is undergoing significant changes. Treasurers must now closely master the financial flows of the company and provide proactive recommendations to their financial management. So, how can they achieve this?

Discover in this whitepaper how digitizing your treasury management can help you become the treasurer of tomorrow!

On the agenda of this white paper:

  • The Treasurer Facing Enterprise Digitalization
    • Treasurer: The Key Figure at the Heart of Financial Strategy
    • Optimizing Cash Flow Management
    • Embracing Analytical Tasks, Leaving Tedious Operations Behind
  • Optimizing Internal Processes: A Necessity!
    • Treasurer: A Cross-Functional Role in Companies
    • Treasury and Cybersecurity
  • Trends in Companies
    • An Inevitable Shift towards the Cloud
    • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis
    • From TMS¹ to TRMS², Integrating Risk into Treasury Management
  • Green Finance and its Impact on Companies
    • Treasury and the Risk of “Greenwashing”: Temptations in the Air
    • Green Finance: Instruments for the Treasurer
    • Treasurer: A Strong Link in Non-Financial Reporting
    • Crypto & Treasury: Myth or Reality
  • Testimonials on the Treasurer’s New Challenges
    • Hélène Brunou, Treasury Director at Voltalia
    • Raffi Basmadjian, Deputy Treasurer at Orange Group
    • Romuald Richard, IT Back Office and Cash Management Manager at Elior

¹TMS : Treasury Management Systems
²TRMS : Treasury & Risk Management Systems

“The digital transformation of the treasury function in 3 words: Process, Digitization, Immediacy”

“In the era of biodiversity and eco-responsibility, we systematically raise the question of environmental respect to our local suppliers”

“Identity theft, three actions must be considered: dematerialization, separation of functions, and enhanced authentication.”

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